Swatch Skiers Cup 2014






Results :
Europe 7 - 9 Americas

HEAT 1 Julien REGNIER (FRA) run1 0 - 1 JP AUCLAIR (CAN) run1
HEAT 2 Nicolas VUIGNIER (SUI) run1
1 - 0 Sage CATTABRIGA-ALOSA (USA) run1
HEAT 3 Richard PERMIN (FRA) run1 1 - 0 Dane TUDOR (USA) run1
HEAT 4 Fabio STUDER (AUT) run1 1 - 0 Tim DURTSCHI (USA) run1
HEAT 5 Sverre LILIEQUIST (SWE) run1 0 - 1 Seth MORRISON (USA) run1
HEAT 6 Fabien MAIERHOFER (FRA) run1 1 - 0 Callum PETTIT (CAN) run1
HEAT 7 Kevin GURI (FRA) run1 0 - 1 Cody TOWNSEND (USA) run1
HEAT 8 Sam FAVRET (FRA) run1 1 - 0 KC DEANE (USA) run1
HEAT 1 Fabio STUDER (AUT) run2 0 - 1 Dane TUDOR (USA) run2
HEAT 2 Sam FAVRET (FRA) run2 0 - 1 Tim DURTSCHI (USA) run2
HEAT 3 Fabien MAIERHOFER (FRA) run2 0 - 1 KC DEANE (USA) run2
HEAT 4 Kevin GURI (FRA) run2 0 - 1 Sage CATTABRIGA-ALOSA (USA) run2
HEAT 5 Nicolas VUIGNIER (SUI) run2 1 - 0 Callum PETTIT (CAN) run2
HEAT 6 Richard PERMIN (FRA) run2 1 - 0 Seth MORRISON (USA) run2
HEAT 7 Sverre LILIEQUIST (SWE) run2 0 - 1 Cody TOWNSEND (USA) run2
HEAT 8 Julien REGNIER (FRA) run2 0 - 1 JP AUCLAIR (CAN) run2


Big Mountain event canceled

(more infos about the Big Bountain cancellation)


Event History

In the first two events of the Swatch Skiers Cup Team Americas and Team Europe fought on the snowy slopes of Valle Nevado, Chile to win. After losing the inaugural 2011 edition, Team Americas battled back in September 2012 to even the score at 1 - 1, adding more intensity to the rivalry of this cutting-edge event. The tie has been broken when the SWATCH SKIERS CUP comes to the Northern hemisphere for the first time, in Zermatt, Switzerland in February 2013. The team Europe won the cup.

The score is now : Team Europeans 2 – 1 Team Americas.

The battle promises to be tough, Team Americas wants to come back, and both teams are going to do battle from 4 to 10 January 2014. 




One of the most respected ski centers in the world, Zermatt, Switzerland is as unique as it is recognizable. It is here that the most impressive peaks and largest glaciers in the Alps come together with cutting edge skiing infrastructure and an unmatched five-star village experience. From the Matterhorn to the Gornergrat, these timeless symbols of the Alps are just part of everyday life for those lucky enough to come to this magical valley. Climbers and skiers have had centuries to explore the fantastic mountain terrain that surrounds Zermatt. Yet new chapters are written each season, with people such as local guide Samuel Anthamatten pioneering new climbing and skiing lines on the walls that tower above his village, and events like the SWATCH SKIERS CUP bringing renewed energy to this special town.