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Press Releases

>> 09/01/2014 - Press Release

"Breaking news for the Swatch Skiers Cup 2015: Zermatt confirmed it will host the event for the third time, Both Julien Regnier (FRA) and JP Auclair (CAN) have agreed to captain their respective teams."



>> 07/01/2014 - Press Release

"SWATCH SKIERS CUP 2014:[nbsp]Call it a Comeback"



>> 04/01/2014 - Press Release

"SWATCH SKIERS CUP 2014:[nbsp]Riders Arrive in Snowy Zermatt !"



>> 18/12/2013 - Press Release

"SWATCH SKIERS CUP 2014: Bringing the A-Game to Zermatt"



>> 04/12/2013 - Press Release

"SWATCH SKIERS CUP 2014 Teams Announced!"



>> 05/11/2013 - Press Release

"SWATCH SKIERS CUP 2014 returns to Zermatt!"